Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Till We Meet Again

21st March, 2013  A senior calls me up and says, “I don’t feel like taking off the uniform. I can’t believe it’s over.”

1st April, 2014 – I don’t feel like taking off the uniform. I can’t believe it’s over.

I will grow up someday, and I will meet youngsters enjoying their school days. I will point to the building in yellow (I’m guessing it will remain yellow) and say proudly, “This is where I went to school.”

Greatness has an address.

Class XII, as always, was piped as the beginning of the end. We all knew this day was to come eventually. We all knew it would end. That one day we would become ex-students of the institution that has been our home for well over a decade.

Don Bosco was where I made my first true friends.
Don Bosco was where I learnt my first life-lesson. 
Don Bosco was where I got my first reality check.
Don Bosco was where I loved to be.

Oppa Bosconian Style. Last batch Picnic, 2013.

Although every year spent under the Bosconian shelter has been an unbelievable experience, the final chapter trumps all. The experiences in Class XII remain unmatched, and so they will remain, I believe, for the rest of my life.

Above all, my time in Bosco has blessed me with the best of friends. Every one of my batch-mates has made the journey a little better. Some of these guys I have known for fourteen long years – and have never had a dull moment.

Amongst the in'quiz'itives - Ribhu, Ritwik and Bikramaditya, the mainstay of the school quiz team, are friends who have stood by me ever since kindergarten. 

The final Bosco Fest – what more can I say that has not already been said? The biggest event of the year capped by the moment of happiness when everyone came together to make the spectacle a success. We aspired, aimed, and achieved.

Up on stage one last time - Chiaros Quro 2013

The times spent in the classrooms, the auditorium, the field and every other nook and corner of the school will remain in my heart forever. The laughter and the tears will always ring in my ears. The people who have shared the journey with me will always be my best friends.

Teachers' Day Drama - our last performance in the DBPC auditorium.

I sincerely hope my juniors appreciate the time they have left. For it flows fast, and is gone before you know it.

To the Class of 2014, you guys are the best. Life will go on, but “Bosconian” will always be part of our identity. Keep being the wonderful people you are.

Till we meet again, brothers.

Aspired. Aimed. Achieved. - Moments after the conclusion of Bosco Fest 2013.

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