Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Love is on the Cards

An idea pitched by Amit Shah.

You know how people claim they can foretell the future by reading cards? I'm rather a skeptic about the whole issue. But what if cards told you everything? What if, the circle of a man's love-life is inscribed in the suits that we deal with everyday, without a second thought?

It all starts with the clubs. The ancient man would bash his way around with a club in search of his soul-mate. The modern man, too, more often than not, finds his lady whilst hanging out at a club. From being the weapon to show off to becoming the place to show off, truly, the club has come full circle.

We move on to the hearts. This may seem a little too obvious, as hearts have for centuries been associated with romantic connotations. Hearts take the second step. After you've met her, and spent time with her, you end up giving up your heart. Here's where you hope you have the Queen of Hearts up your sleeve. God help you if you end up with the Joker.

Next up, the diamond comes into play. Ah, the pseudo-glamour of a proposal! You go down on your knees hoping that a shiny rock will indeed "rock" your world. Thus ends the era of uncertainty, and a monosyllabic reply can make or break you. Be it the omen of a new beginning, or curtains on a relationship, the role of the diamond is undeniable.

"Hanging is destiny and marriage likewise." The perks of being a married man catch up soon enough. Amidst all the joyfulness and cheers of a wedding, you know you've picked up the spade to dig your own grave. Fittingly, spades complete the pack of cards as we know it. The death of bachelorhood, the death of excitement, the death of variety - all is juxtaposed in those thirteen cards with the spade marked on them. You have now come full circle, and it is time to let go.

I'm pretty sure the next time you play a round, it'll be tough to keep that pokerface. Cards tell us everything, you see. That's why the master strategist will always tell you, "Play your cards right." It's a game, a game where you better have a strong hand.


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  2. Hi Arjyak,

    To illustrate the full circle of love in regards to the four sets of 'Cards' is ingenious! Really a good read! :)