Tuesday, 19 November 2013

An Outgoing Student Remembers

“I know that these will all be stories someday, and our pictures will become old photographs, but right now these moments are not stories. This is happening. And in this moment , I swear, we are infinite.”

Don Bosco School, Park Circus, is a shining example of how close a second home can get. In the fourteen short years that I have spent under the Bosconian shelter, I have felt a sense of belonging and a sense of pride like never before. The school has been my sole identity, be it within or without the campus.

The four-year-old who entered this institution cried his heart out, and looked back longingly at the freedom that lay behind the gate. The eighteen-year-old who leaves, I assure you, will once again cry his heart out and look back longingly at the fond memories that lie on the other side of that very same gate.

The journey, needless to say, has been unforgettable. Don Bosco has provided me open arms to embrace in joyous victory, as well as a shoulder to cry upon in lowly disappointment. DBPC is more than a school, in the same way that a home is more than a mere brick house. With our time swiftly running out, each one of us feel even closer to the institution that has shaped us into what we are today.

I will miss the warm greetings, the chaotic laughter, the exuberance and the general atmosphere of enjoyable education. I will miss the assembly hall, the courtyard and the classrooms, where so many of us have had the time of our lives. I will miss the auditorium, and the school stage – where so many memories, both good and bad, have been made.  But most of all I will miss the sea of white and grey  – my friends and companions who have all contributed to my stay in Bosco being an unbelievable ride.

Even with all the praise I have received for my writing skills, I fail to put to words how much this experience will always mean to me. I may have outgrown the uniform, but there is never a time to outgrow the spirit. So here’s to the school that made me a man. Because you can take a Bosconian out of Bosco, but you can never, never take the Bosco out of a Bosconian.

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