Saturday, 21 January 2017

Spring Fest 2017 - Food Fest

The Spring Fest, organised by the students of IIT Kharagpur promises three days of fun, frolic, learning and more. To be held on the 20th, 21st and the 22nd of January at the sprawling Kharagpur campus, there are over 90 different kinds of events held in which students from over 400 colleges participate. The different genres include dance, music, dramatics, fine arts and others.

This year a novel addition is the Food Fest, presented by Zomato in association with DrinQ and Kossmo bartending school. The food fest has been organized for all young chefs and every other lover of food. The dofferent events to be held are interactive sessions with renowned chefs, cooking competitions, workshops and more. The first event as part of the food fest was a online food photography contest held over Instagram. You can now view the photographs by searching with the hashtag #SFFoodFest and #ZomatoatSF.

The interactive sessions promise a demonstration and display of culinary skills required to master the domain of Molecular Gastronomy and French Pastry Cooking. The star attraction of the food fest is none other than Miss Kirti Bhoutika. She is the winner of Masterchef India Season 5 and the youngest to have ever won this prestigious competition. Her areas of expertise include desserts, nutrition science and baking. One of the most interesting workshops is the mixology workshop where you will be taught the art of making various kinds of mocktails. The cooking competition is called “Too Many Cooks”. Lucrative prizes and cash prizes worth INR 15,000 is up for grabs.

Food has always been an area of fascination for a large section of the student community, whether it is at the kitchen or just grabbing a bite to eat on the way to college. Kolkata Bloggers is a proud Literary Associate of Spring Fest 2017. We will be hosting a Personal Branding and Digital Media workshop as well, on the 21st of January. We hope to see you there with us at the 58th edition of Spring Fest. It will be an exhilarating journey.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Spring Fest 2017's Social Theme - Masoomiyat

It has been an absolute honour being associated with IIT Kharapur's annual extravaganza - Spring Fest. In 2017, they bring up a social theme titled "Masoomiyat" which aims to lead the battle against child abuse in all its ugly forms.

A lot many of you reading this today would find yourself fortunate enough to have been blessed with happy childhoods that have enabled you to lead secure lives. As you look back on your glory days and find yourselves lost in fond nostalgia, reminiscing your own dreamy childhood, pampered with love and affection, with not the slightest care in the world, spare a thought for those little unfortunate souls around you not blessed with a similar happy childhood.
In our humble bid to give voice to the unheard, we launch our Social Cause for Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur 2017, "Masoomiyat", An appeal to the child in you!
Masoomiyat primarily focuses on shedding light on instances of child abuse, child labour or child marriage and aims to strive for mitigation measures for the same. However, it doesn't restrict itself to the aforementioned only.  It aims to bring about a progressive change in the holistic development of a child in terms of his social welfare, education and opportunities.

With recent associations such as Teach For India, UPAY, Child Rights and You (CRY) and Gopali Youth Welfare Society, Spring Fest has strived to work towards the educational requirements of children under the banner of Shiksha and our efforts were recognised and boosted by Tata Housing, OIL and several other prominent organizations in previous editions. 

Masoomiyat aims to protect and preserve and build on the untarnished innocence and truthfulness in a child in a more complete sense.

You can join us in our cause for Child Rights and show support by dropping us a mail at and share your stories or suggestions.