Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Freshmen No More

Memories of Freshman Year

Growing up is a strangely exhilarating experience.

The switch from being a school student to a college student brings with it an enthusiasm to explore one’s own self, challenge capabilities and conquer new horizons. Such was the case too, roughly a year back, when I stepped into college. Brimming with excitement, yet with an undeniable degree of apprehension,  I was totally new to the surroundings of Heritage Institute of Technology.
As my friend Mukund put it, college is about “Getting thrust from your comfort zone and being able to redefine yourself from scratch.” Well, it certainly is. It is about forming new friendships, getting to know people better, understanding your own priorities and above all, making memories to last a lifetime.

Talking of memories, there have been so many significant events in the past year that I find it impossible to pick any one. Almost every experience has been positive, and definitely every experience has helped me grow. Winning the Freshers’ Debate was a consistent dream even before I joined college. Participating in a fashion walk is something I would never have pictured myself doing. But, well, you see the photograph. Other little things – interacting with loads of different people, participating in silly college politics, the euphoria of fests – all have played a vital part in shaping up my experiences from the First year.

On stage for Freshers' 2014. A night to remember. Photograph - Ankit Mukhopadhyay.

It was difficult to walk into an institution and not meet the familiar faces clad in white and grey. Moving away from the friends I’ve known all my life to making new associations, sharing a classroom, a playing field and a canteen, takes some getting used to. I have been immensely blessed to be gifted with a bunch of wonderful college mates I call my friends. They have supported me, guided me, been there for me through my joys and sorrows, and made life as good as it is. Though I will always primarily identify myself as a Bosconian, I have to admit Heritage is now extremely close to my heart. The sights, sounds and surroundings of the place have an intoxicating allure. The buildings, the fields, the pathways, and even the ‘macha’, which some would argue is not a part of the college strictly speaking, draw you towards them, and leave you wanting more.

Different facets of the Heritage campus. Photograph - Shuvro Ghoshal.

I asked a few of my friends what their most vivid memories from the year were. A lot of them went with the experiences of Freshers’ 2014, which is understandable. People in the debating and quizzing circles chose Prologue – the Parliamentary Debate we organized with Presidency. Some went with their moments on stage for the Teachers’ Day drama. Individuals even went with the atmosphere during college elections. Some friends talked about our college fest, despite the rain, while some picked the good times celebrating birthdays of their peers. Quite a few folks said their best moments came in the Picnic organized as a farewell to the fourth year students.  A couple of close friends cited the times we shared in sleepovers and the like. All of these highlights amalgamate to provide a picture of how fast a year came and went.

We are Freshmen no more. We are now a year more experienced, a year more acquainted, a year closer to leaving this wonderful place. All the memories we have made, and all that lies in the future, will remain very close to my heart.  And the hope, that the bonds I make in college will stay with me for life.

Sophomore year, be good.

Stick together. Photograph - Ankit Mukhopadhyay.

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