Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Freshers' Tale

CSE during their Ten Minutes to Fame. What you cannot see in the picture is how loudly the crowd cheered for Suchismita. Photograph - Ankit Mukhopadhyay.

Eagerly anticipated, strewn with controversy, yet enthusiastically executed - Freshers' 2014 has now come and gone. The single greatest night for a college student in freshman year is inevitably looked forward to with unmatched anxiousness. With pieces falling apart from the puzzle that held the picture together, the fire ignited in hearts and minds culminated in a blast on stage that saw each department fighting it out against the other in a quest for supremacy. 
Huddling around my mates, cheering for CSE, dancing my heart (and legs) out, shouting till my throat got sore, it was a pretty eventful day. Freshers' is the day to celebrate being a first year student in the college. Disregarding all the culture, or the lack thereof, on display, it was always going to be an event to remember for freshmen like myself.

Meet the team that took the stage by storm, well after the designated ten minutes were done.

It was, however, disappointing to note that some of the most talented seniors I have come to know here at Heritage were left with no choice but to boycott the event altogether, owing to a complete antonym of pleasantries from the existing Council. As a result, we the freshers were denied what I am sure would have been some electrifying performances. That bit apart, the respective participants from every department, as well as the seniors who stole the spotlight, truly did justice to the stage and to their art. Add to that the razzmatazz of crowning Mister and Miss Freshers', and the flair of loosening up everybody present on the dance floor, at the DJ Night, and you get a concoction of happiness that is bound to stay for quite some time.

Harshita strikes a pose. DJ Night, Freshers' 2014.

The lights have now dimmed. The crowd has now moved away. The music no longer plays on. But the friendships still remain. The relationships still strengthen. The love still flourishes. This is me, letting every one of my batchmates know how much I love you. We are in this journey together, and I could not have asked for better companions. This is one of many such nights to come - occasions when we leave our differences behind and celebrate in unity. 

Here's to us.

Men in Black. Siddharth Bose owns the stage for CSE. Freshers' 2014.

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