Monday, 8 September 2014

Decoding the Collegiate Jungle

"Remember the words Arjyak, these will always be the best days of your life. These will be your best classmates. You look around now and you can see men with ambitions of becoming sportspersons, musicians, scholars, you name it. In six months you'll be in college, and all you'll see around you will be careeristic engineers. Enjoy your days."

Heritage Institute of Technology. The Central Block.

When I first walked into Heritage Institute of Technology, I had a fair idea of what the wanted my college life to be. I also had another idea of how I would have to juxtapose that with what it would realistically turn out to be.

Life, so far, has been good. The transition from a school-kid to a college-student has been seamless for the most part. The transition from being the seniormost at school to the juniormost in college is a tougher task. The toughest of them all is the transition from knowing everybody in your batch, to having to introduce yourself to everybody you meet. Although one does get used to it eventually.

I'll always be a Bosconian at heart. Which is why it hurt so much when I heard the news of Mrs. Sikha Roy's accident. Ma'am, wherever you are right now, I know you are watching over all of us. You will always be in our hearts and minds. The tragic news of her passing away was the pull that jolted me back to Bosconian senses, just as I had started saying "I'm from Heritage" instead of the oh-so-familiar "I'm from Bosco".

Mrs. Sikha Roy. Forever in our hearts.

That said, college life is a lot different. It is that bridge between spoon-fed academics and reality. It is a portal of responsibility and freedom - not necessarily in that order. It is about prioritizing education over knowledge, about managing more than just books and slides. Not to be left out, it is about discovering talents, forming friendships, keeping associations, and remaining true to yourself. College makes you realise your true potential in so many spheres.

I've had a wonderful time on and off campus, for the past month or so. Moving away from the familiar faces clad in white and grey, and knowing new people - sharing a classroom, a playing field, a canteen and a stage with people of diverse origins, cultures and tastes has been an experience indeed. So here's hoping the journey gets better with every passing day.

Bring it on.

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